Valerie Sweeten

Children's Book Author & Freelance Writer

Take a look at this series where the Grant family explores the world around us from cultures to food, animals and new adventures. Extensive research has been done to provide a highly entertaining and educational experience for children. I hope you have as much fun reading these as I did writing them.

Shh, Listen: In the Rainforest

Shh, Listen...In The Rainforest Children's Book by Valerie Sweeten

Children’s book for ages 4-8


The Grant family has the chance to explore the rainforests, and of course they say Yes! As they travel over 2,000 miles from their home in Texas to Ecuador, the parents and their four children, Noelle, James, and twins, Colton and Morgan, find adventure after adventure when they arrive and are greeted by the local people. As they begin exploring, their mother makes sure they don’t miss the best of the rainforest and its unusual noises, exciting animals and exotic landscape. What part of the rainforest do you want to see?


Shh, Listen: On a Safari

Shh, Listen: On a Safari Children's Book by Valerie Sweeten

Children’s book for ages 4-8


Noelle, James, Colton, and Morgan are in for a surprise when their parents tell them they're going on a safari. Follow the Grant family as they travel to Tanzania and see all of their favorite animals up close and personal. From elephants to zebras, lions, and more, the kids get the chance to experience the culture, food, and everything wonderful and exciting that comes with going on a safari. It's an adventure they'll never forget! Join them on this one of a kind journey.


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